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Series : I knit natural fibers

  • 3 titles : distinguishing each category of knitting yarn : The Silk ; The Alpaca, Cashmere ; The Linen, Cotton, hemp and ramie
  • Type of work: practical and reference books on the knitting yarns
  • Format : 170 x 230
  • Number of pages : 144
  • Authors : collective and Isabelle Beaumenay (fashion designer)
  • Target market: any knitter, fashion student and designer
  • Rights available: world

The natural fibers have become major fashion. They raise more and more interest and reach a wide public. Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk are considered as true luxury fibers. As yarn knitting, natural fibers have characteristics and many advantages that it is essential to know to succeed any knitting project.

This collection goes around all you need to know about the natural fibers to use them well: production, qualities, dyes, various types of yarn and their use. It provides the finest most appropriate patterns to each fiber and their different qualities. Finally, six models that you can make yourseft are offered by specialist designers.

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