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Claire Rius

Claire Rius went into publishing after working several years as a psychologist at the University and with private training institutes. Co-founder of the company, she is in charge of editorial direction, monitoring of the authors and relationship with publishers. She pays particular attention to the editorial structure, the adequacy of information and understanding by a wider audience. Claire Rius has written several books and worked as a ghostwriter. She is also interested in film and screenwriting.





Charles Buxin

Trained at the École Boule in Paris, Charles Buxin began his career as a designer at Avant-Garde, where he worked with the Grapus group. He was hired as graphic by Humanoïdes associés, where he was in charge the magazine Métal-Hurlant and the comic books. Co-founder of the company, he deals with the artistic direction since it was first set up. Attaching much importance to the text than image, Charles Buxin sees the page as a whole in the service of meaning. Many of his creations are appreciated for their timeless beauty, others for their own character to the period they illustrate.