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First Steps in Calligraphy

Bien_debuter_en_calligraphieFind the right gesture of the calligrapher!
A new attractive approach to learn calligraphy with an intaglio engraving.

This book offers a new approach to learn calligraphy from the seven most accessibles alphabets. The first tracks are the most difficult to achieve for beginners, the method developed in this book is based on the use of an intaglio engraving that functions as a model. Just follow the exact route of the letter with the pen to find the gesture of the calligrapher.

  • Type of work: practical book to learn the technique of calligraphy
  • Number of pages: 102 pages (included 11 cards with intaglio engraving)
  • Format: 17 x 22 cm closed
  • Target market: beginners in calligraphy, any fan of creative leisure wishing to learn this technique, graphic design professionals or all those who wish to acquire the basics of calligraphy.
  • Calligraphies : Julien Chazal, internationally renowned calligrapher, founder of Apex, and the author of several books on calligraphy.
  • Rights available: word except France and french language

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