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The Spirit of letter

  • Type of work: reference book on contemporary calligraphy
  • Authors : Julien Chazal, internationally renowned calligrapher, founder of Apex, and the author of several books on calligraphy ; Marguerite Fonta, author of several books on picturial expression and plastic arts.
  • Format : 200 x 250
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Target market: amateur and professional calligraphers, graphic artists, type designers, letterers, artistic directors, illustrators, decorators and art and craft enthusiasts.
  • Rights available: world

The work on letters provides to calligraphers a wide field of graphic expression. Their perfect mastery of historical aphabets allow to explore some new ways with a total freedom and a creative vision. So, they introduce new rhythms and gesture, purposely distort the letters to get original strokes, sometime to the ends of the readability but conserving the spirit of the origin letters.