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A Complete Book on Insects

A reference book about all insects around the world: anatomy and ethology

  • Type of work : reference book (lifestyle, anatomy and identification guide)
  • Number of pages : 224
  • Illustrations : + 400
  • Format : 17 x 24 cm
  • Target market : amateur and professional naturalists, natural science students, plants specialists (horticulturists, farmers, foresters, natural environment managers…)
  • Authors : Suzanne Douté with Patrice Lebrun
  • Révision scientifique : Pierre Teocchi and entomologists of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (Thierry Bourgoin, Christophe Daugeron, André Nel, Raymond Pujol, Tony Robillard, Roger Roy, Adeline Soulier and Jérôme Sueur)
  • Rights available: world

Representing over half the living species, insects are paradoxically still unknown to the general public. Morphology and lifestyle of insects are most amazing, and never cease to surprise those who are interested. This book challenges the general belives and is a valuable aid for observation.

Insect, Les Devenirs Visuels