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Calligraphy Step by Step

Calligraphy step by step

Learn step by step the seven alphabets the most accessible. This book offers an easy approach of the calligraphy with all advices that the beginners need to achieve their first letters. With this way, the calligraphy becomes a pleasant and relaxing hobby.

  • Type of work: practical book to learn the essential calligraphy alphabets
  • Number of pages: 88 pages
  • Format: 170 x 220
  • Target market: beginner in calligraphy, any fan of creative leisure wishing to learn this technique and acquire the basics of the handwriting.
  • Author of Calligraphies : Julien Chazal, internationally renowned calligrapher, founder of Apex, and the author of several books on calligraphy.
  • Rights available: world